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Is There An eBook Inside Of You?

By Wycliffe Williams

The question begs, "Is There An eBook Inside of You?" The answer is a solid yes if Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards have anything to do with it.

These guys have written a detail laden, comprehensive ebook called, "How To Write an eBook in 7 Days." Surprisingly, they use a delightful step-by-step, practical approach on how to write an ebook in 7 days.

Upon reading the ebook you will soon discover that they motivate and inspire you all along the way. Little by little they cajole, tease, encourage, and finally demand that you dig deep to dredge up the ebook that they say is inside of you.

Two things you'll quickly discover, the one mistake most authors make and their single greatest obstacle. Better still, they also make known 3 proven methods on how to write an ebook.

Do you know the 7 commandments of ebook formatting? Would you like to learn them? These guys teach that too.

There is more good news. Once your ebook is written, you are not left dangling, wondering what to do next. You'll get everything you need to publish, market, and sell your ebook.

Guess what? Joe and Jim have so much confidence in their product they give you a 60 day money back guarantee. More than enough time to get your ebook up and running.

These guys are a class act. They leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve success.

I call their ebook, "The Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Manual on Writing an eBook, From Birthing to Banking."

Believe you me; this ebook is chuck full of a wealth of information. However, weighing in at a chunky 206 pages, it does seem to be a bit much.

When you read the ebook though, it becomes apparent that Joe and Jim have tried their level best to trim the fat. Again, the other more obvious fact is that the 206 pages are running over with quality information.

Joe "Mr Fire" Vitale is a results only marketing consultant. He has helped over 200 authors, publishers, and large companies with their book promotions.

A powerful copywriter and well known author, Joe has too many books to list, of which he has sold thousands.

Jim Edwards is a dynamic speaker, info developer, author, and marketer with profitable online businesses since 1997. He publishes a free tell it like it is newsletter.
Jim enjoys writing, walking, softball, video games and listening to Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Willie Nelson.

I was thrilled as I waded through one of the early sections of "How To Write An eBook in 7 Days." That section dealt with the one mistake most authors make. My eyes opened wide. What was it? What was that one mistake?

I was in awe of what I was reading simply because this was pertinent stuff. The amazing thing is I identified with what Joe and Jim were saying.

They also discuss the single greatest obstacle to writing an ebook? These guys hit the nail right on the head again. I was glued as I read the information. Every bit of it was ringing true.

Here's the rub. Not only do these guys show you were the road blocks are, guess what? Joe and Jim show you how to maneuver around them. They give you solid tips and tricks to overcome the obstacles.

"How To Write an eBook in 7 Days" is an absolute winner! Joe and Jim hold back nothing in helping you to achieve your dream of writing an ebook in 7 days.

Day by day they systematically lead you step-by-step to the realization of your dream. You don't have to put your life on hold in order to get the ebook written. They weave your writing responsibilities into the fabric of your everyday life.

After my first read, I did have questions. It seemed to me that these guys were just pushing their thoughts onto me as a reader. In all honesty I felt as if they were just force feeding me so that I wouldn't ask for my money back.

But no. I don't believe that now. Joe and Jim care. They want you to succeed. They're in your corner. You may have to read the ebook a couple of times. So what if I didn't get it the first time around? I understand it now, and that's important.

Let's discuss the main promise that Joe and Jim make in the ebook. They promise to show you how to write an ebook in 7 days. Do they deliver on that promise?
I say yes! Without a doubt. The formula they use is second to none. It's a winning formula.

Using the scale from one to ten, I give them a solid nine. They get that high score because of the tight organization, solid practical structure of the writing program, and deliverability. At the end of the day, they do deliver what they promise.

Joe and Jim have gone the whole nine yards in covering all aspects of writing your own ebook. Truly, I don't see the need for any updates for quite some time because they have left no stone unturned in this ebook.

Allow me to add one thought. This ebook can be used as a go-to platform to highlight tightly-focused areas of ebook writing. And now I must say, writing this article has been fun for me. I have enjoyed every moment.

Now it's up to you. Go to the resource box below. The link will lead you to the ebook, "How To Write an eBook in 7 Days." Joe and Jim would be delighted to assist you in making your dream come true just like they assisted me.

Thank you Joe and Jim. My ebook will be out shortly thanks to you guys.
About the Author
Wycliffe Williams has been in sales management for over twenty years. he gets a kick out of writing articles. This ebook is a humdinger. Get yours now:

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