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Get Your Free Blog and Make a Little Money Too.

By Jim DeSantis

Before you buy that "get rich quick" internet scheme, try Free Blogging first. You can have your own Free cyberspace address to tell the world about yourself, your family, your hobby, your profession, or to sell something.

I have 14 blogs that have not cost me a nickle.

Here's how I did it and you can too.

It's true! You can have a Free Blog and Google will pay you for allowing them to run Ads on your blog. You make money every time someone clicks an Ad, even if they don't buy anything.

I now have 14 blogs, created with very little "techie" knowledge in less than 60 hours of work, each on a specific self-help topic. I started on May 14, 2006. My "On Line Tribune Self Help Newspaper" has many articles, courses, and ebooks, Free and I add new FREE stuff almost everyday.

I can tell you, for the most part, once you get past the learning curve, it's fairly easy to do. Look, I'm 63-years old. Don't let your age stand in your way. You can do this too!

A blog is your own address in cyberspace where you can post your comments, ideas, plans, loves, hassles, or pet peeves to share with the world - and - the world will talk back to you! I invite you to take a few minutes and browse the sections of my blog to get an idea of what I have done so far.

What could your blog be about? For example: I told my daughter that she should start a blog on Home Birthing or Midwifery. She does this for a living in Vermont and knows all the inside information. She did it and now has people seeking out her insight. Get the idea? You choose what your blog topic is.

My "On Line Tribune" blog gives you many helpful Free resources, that's right, FREE RESOURCES to get you started. See the links in my Bio below.

I also learned a lot about the technical stuff by joining Google Groups. Bloggers ask each other questions and learn together and learn from experienced bloggers who teach you how to avoid making mistakes. It cuts down the learning curve significantly! Yes, it's FREE, too.

O.K., once you decide to build your blog, what do you put on it? Well, make sure you add plenty of content.

Content is articles by you, like the one you are reading right now, that will draw the Search Engines to your blog. A Search Engine got you here didn't it? Search Engines need content to offer folks when they search a particular topic. They need your content too.

Think about what you know best, like my daughter did, and start writing articles. Then, after you put them on your blog, submit them to Article Directories like this one. This creates even more interest in your blog.

If this sounds too complicated, don't worry, be happy! Check it out. Remember - it's totally Free, and, it's great fun.

About the Author
Jim DeSantis is a 15 year veteran of investigative reporting. He runs a Self Help Newspaper, featuring 14 sections packed with Free articles, courses, and ebooks on a variety of topics dealing with daily life. You are invited to submit your opinion on this or on any other topic to Jim's blog. If accepted, your opinion will be published as a Featured Article. Want your Free Blog right now? Go to

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