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Make Your Business Memorable with Business Cards

By Terri Seymour

With new innovative marketing strategies business
cards are not like they used to be. Remember when
a business card would have name, address, phone
number and that's it? Well today's business cards
have so much more!

Because of its cost, size and versatility, a business
card can be a powerful marketing tool. Design this
tool wisely. Your business card is a reflection of you
and your business. Don't just have the standard name,
phone and address.

+Add your company logo, use clear & easy to read text,
a picture of yourself smiling, texture, etc.

+Have the card double as a coupon or gift certificate.
Be sure and clearly explain what your company does.

+Have all your contact info including email and url if

Don't forget to utilize the space on the back of the card.
Ideas for the back of the card:

Motivational quote
Special sale or discount
Business or other tip
Your newest products/services
Your business motto
Write a personal message
Client testimonials
Ask for referrals
An entertaining (clean) joke
Use your imagination!

Have your business cards them with you always. Leave
them at restaurants. Send them with your monthly bills.
Post them on bulletin boards in laundromats, grocery
stores, banks, etc. Hand them out to people you talk to.
Give people more than one to pass on to a friend or

Ask banks, stores, and other businesses if you can display
them by the cash register or counter. Add them to all
your mailings. Send them with orders. Try leaving them
in library books for other people to find.

Be sure and put one in every mailing you send out. Get
one of those card holders for your car and display them
on your car for the taking. Leave a few in your motel
and/or hotel room when you leave. Ask about leaving
them in hair salons, nail salons, spas, gyms, etc.

Put a couple in your catalogs when handing them out.
Leave them in rest rooms. Leave a couple at public rest
areas. The possibilities are endless. Always be aware
of an opportunity.

Make your card stand out from the rest. Make it
unforgettable. Have some red on it. Cards with red
on them stand out more. Add a picture of you or one
of your products. Make the background a different
color such as black. This will really stand out.

Make your card plastic or laminate it so it will last
much longer. Make magnetic biz cards. People will
stick you on the fridge for more exposure. Try different
designs and code them so you can track the results.
Offer an additional discount if they mention the code.
Be sure and record all codes in a notebook. Staple a
sample (if possible) to your card.

Your business card can be one of your most valuable
marketing tools if used as more than just an address card.
About the Author
Terri Seymour has 10 years experience & has helped many people. Visit her site for more help, resources, $1 resell ebooks, weekly ezine & more.

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