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Writing E-Books For Profit

By Adam Terebeckij

Have you ever wondered what it takes to write an e-book? Did you ever wonder if writing one could be used to promote a new business venture? What, you do not know what an e-book is. Don't worry, many others have no idea what I am talking about either. An e-book is basically what one would image it is if they had to guess, its an electronic book. E-bookse-book can be created with little cost and can be published and distributed with little cost as well. You can write an e-book on any topic you choose, preferably one that many people are interested in and will read. Once you have your e-book it is then possible to use it to promote products or business ventures. You do this by including links within your e-book that relate to your topic. These links can be product pages, affiliate links, or your company home page. If you are clever enough you can weave these links into the "story" without the reader even realizing about these side motives. There are over one billion global Internet users. Having yourself noticed in that sea of prospects is what every business owner is striving for.

There are countless topics on the Internet that people are looking for on a daily basis. Medical advice, educational information, and financial services are only a few of areas people look for. What all these topics have in common are that they are information. And no matter what anyone says the hottest product on the net is Information. Once the initial cost of producing the e-book is over you only have to advertise it. This can cost as much or as little as you want. You can sign up at an affiliate site like Clickbank, have your e-book approved, and then have the thousands of internet marketers out there promote it for you FREE. All you do is offer them a cut in the profit. You set this profit margin. If you want to dole out 25% of the gross sale you can. If you want to offer 75% you can do that also. The higher the incentive the more marketers you will get to promote for you. If your e-book provides useful information that everyone wants you should have no trouble converting it into sales. People are always looking for good content. If your book is useful it will eventually spread via word of mouth. This is often the most powerful form of advertising on the net.

An e-book can be much more productive in it's presentation by allowing for streaming video and audio codes. This will heighten the overall effect of the book and produce more sales. With more and more people turning to high speed or cable internet connections streaming video will only increase in use. Don't be afraid to be creative with your e-book. Don't over do it with "gadget" type stuff, but do add the extras when it's appropriate.

It would be a very good idea for you to use this sort of streaming video in an e-book. Buy chaining this video on an e-book to a contact email list, you can then go back later and do follow-ups on the people that have viewed the book and its video. One the strongest aspects of an e-book is the easy to use chapter previews, this is an extremely powerful tool in the marketing strategy. It will allow for a simple viewing or the full-fledged read for the newbie. This also allows people to view small segments of the book, and then if they desire they can download the rest at a cost. This is known as unlockable content.

If people can be convinced that the service is valuable by reading some of the e-book, you can be sure that you will have gained their attention and possibly a sale.
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