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Debt Settlement and Negotiation

By Michael Cook

Before you file bankruptcy or start a long debt management plan, consider Debt Settlement. Debt settlement is faster than debt management and saves you money. You can reduce your debt greatly through debt settlement or negotiation. If you've experienced any more financial setbacks personally or to your business, and find that you may not be able to meet your financial obligations, you may be able to get the debt relief that you need. Negotiating your debt is a safer, faster, and cheaper alternative to filing bankruptcy. Many financial institutions will work with you to settle outstanding debts for less than what is owed if you can produce evidence of a legitimate financial hardship. If you are deep in debt and currently having a difficult time meeting your financial obligations, its time to take action before bankruptcy is your only financial option. Debt resolution companies can help businesses and individuals resolve their financial problems by negotiating settlements and negotiate plans with creditors.

Working with a professional debt management firm will help you relieve the pressure of excessive debt without filing bankruptcy. They can help you get rid of angry debt collectors. A good debt management firm will help you settle debt for less than what is owed. They can also help you resolve lawsuits and disputes related to debt and eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Another way to get rid of bad credit is through a consumer credit counseling agency. These agencies do not set up long-term monthly payment plans for clients. The businesses and individuals that they assist are usually in the "pre-bankruptcy" category, meaning that a more aggressive debt resolution strategy is needed in order for them to avoid bankruptcy. Therefore, their objective is to negotiate settlements with their client's creditors using the limited amount of cash funds that our client has available. If you have some but not all of the money owed and your deadlines are approaching, consumer credit counseling might be better for you.

Whether you are working on your personal credit or business credit, it is imperative that you are fully committed. You must decide that resolving your present financial situation is your top priority, and that you are absolutely committed to solving your financial problem while you still have the opportunity to do so.

With every day that passes, you are sinking further and further into a financial hole that you may never get out of. Avoiding your creditors will not solve your financial problems. If you are ready to move forward and find out how to solve your present financial predicament without filing bankruptcy, you need to contact a debt negotiation and/or settlement firms and talk with them about your situation as soon as possible to determine what options may still be available to you.

If your business that has already claimed bankruptcy or are just starting a company and want to get off to a good start, there is another solution called an Aged Shelf Corporation, or just Shelf Corporation. An aged shelf corporation is a corporation that has had no activity. It was created and put on the "shelf" to age. This corporation is then later usually sold to someone who would prefer to have an aged corporation rather than a new one.

There are several reasons a person might want to purchase an Aged Shelf Company. A company with a history is more likely to be selected as a business partner and have more credibility with clients. Some government contracts are only available to companies that have been in operation for a certain number of years. The older your company is, the higher your standings will be in the business community. More importantly, a good Aged Shelf Corporation will have pre-established commercial credit and will help you get a fresh start.
About the Author
Michael Cook is a marketer for Credit Launcher. For more information about credit enhancement, visit

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