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Camping Tips, Ideas and Information

By Allen Maccey

Camping is a very popular pastime for many. The opportunity to get away from the daily grind and enjoy a few days in nature draws many people to this activity. Although camping can be a welcomed relief from a hectic lifestyle it is not an activity which is completely without stress. Much of the stress in camping stems from the process of planning the trip. Once this planning is completed and all the necessary equipment is purchased and packed the campers are free to relax and enjoy the experience.

The type of camping equipment you need for your trip will depend largely on the type of camping you intend to do. Generally there are two types of camping experiences known as car camping and backpacking. Car camping includes camping in which a car can be driven close to the camp sites while backpacking in a trip in which the campers hike, with all of their camping gear, to the designated camp site. The gear required for these two distinctly different endeavors is largely different.

The focus on equipment for car camping is typically comfort. Because car camping sites are so easily accessible, it is possible to bring along a number of pieces of equipment which help to make the camp site as comfortable as possible. Some pieces of equipment the campers may wish to bring include a large tent, cots or inflatable sleeping mattresses, pillows, chairs, elaborate pieces of cooking equipment and even screen houses for the eating area. In many cases, equipment requiring electricity may also be included in the equipment because many of these camp sites provide access to electricity. These pieces of equipment may include small refrigerators, heaters, radios or even elevision sets. The amount of equipment will depend largely on the type of experience the campers wish to enjoy. Campers can certainly bring along all of the comforts of home or they may wish to be completely minimalist despite the relative accessibility of the sites.

Packing for a backpacking camping trip is a completely different story. In this scenario the camper must hike with all of their equipment to the designated camp site. As a result campers who undertake a backpacking adventure typically bring along only the basic necessities. They also search for the lightest possible options available in selecting gear. For example backpackers may omit a tent from their gear list entirely and opt for a tarp which can be fashioned into a shelter while in the backcountry. Those who prefer to have a tent may search for a tent which is as light as possible. In this search for lightweight equipment ounces are considered significant and a tent weighing an ounce or two less than another tent is considered favorable. From the tent and sleeping bag to cookware and food supplies packing for a backpacking trip involves selecting only the most necessary pieces of gear and opting for the lightest pieces of equipment possible. Additionally, a sturdy and roomy backpack as well as a comfortable pair of boots are considered necessary pieces of equipment.

About the Author
Allen Maccey is a writer for Tents and Camping, his work can be found at First Aid Kits

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