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Ebay Ebook Success: Using Reviews and Guides to Promote your eBay Store

By Tom Parker

In my last article I discussed how to effectively promote your eBay store using your About Me page. In that article I outlined that it was one of the most underutilised promotion opportunities on eBay. Ebay Reviews and Guides are a new introduction by eBay, but are just as underutilised by eBay sellers as the About Me page. In this article I will discuss how you can utilise this excellent feature to promote your eBay store:

1) What is an eBay Review or Guide?:- A review is simply your own personal review of any product on the eBay market, for example a CD, DVD, book etc. You give the product a rating out of five and then write a brief personal review about what you liked, didn't like etc. A guide can be on absolutely anything you are qualified to give advice on. I convert these newsletter articles into "Ebook Success" guides on eBay which complement my eBay store. However, guides don't necessarily have to relate to your eBay store. If for example, you enjoy fishing then you could write guides related to fishing.

2) Why should I write an eBay Review or Guide?:- I would personally recommend writing guides over reviews. The reason for this is that when you write a review the only credit you receive is a small link to your eBay feedback profile. When you write a guide you receive a link back to your eBay feedback profile, eBay store, eBay About Me page, and some of your active listings. Anyway, whether you choose to write a review or guide, the reason for doing so is promotion. People reading your review or guide will be made aware of your eBay presence, may click on a link to one of your pages, and this may even lead to a sale.

3) What should I write my eBay Review or Guide on?:- As I mentioned earlier I write "Ebook Success" guides which are basically converted copies of these newsletter articles. However, the possibilities are endless. Just think of your hobbies, your job, or anything else which you know enough about to write a series of guides on. Everyone can write about at least ONE THING. Once you have found your topic, break it down into small, relevant guides. If you're really, really struggling to find a topic for a guide, then write a review on a product that you own. Although the promotion will not be as great as the promotion you would receive from a guide, it still provides you with free promotion.

That's all there is to it. Keep writing regular guides and if they are good people will rate them positively. The more positive ratings you get, the higher your reviewer rank gets. Also, the more guides you write, the more pages you have on eBay promoting your listings, your store, and your feedback. Since reviews and guides are relatively new and haven't fully taken off yet, it's best to get in now, while the majority of eBayers are not writing reviews and guides. That way when it takes off on a larger scale, you will already have a solid foundation upon which to build. To write your own eBay review or guide go to If you want to see view my reviews and guides for some inspiration then go to This is a promotional opportunity that you should not pass up. For five minutes writing, you can have a free, long term, promotional tool at your disposal.
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Want to know how Tom Parker runs whilst automating 95% of the tasks? Then visit, or send a blank email to and find out all the secrets. Please include this bio when reprinting.

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