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Software Review: My Digital Dispatch

By Tom Parker

File Size: 3.24mb Zipped, 7.14mb Unzipped.
Format: MySQL Database.
Subject: My Digital Dispatch is a program you install on your website which can auto-deliver digital products which you sell via PayPal. It works both on eBay and outside of eBay i.e. on a website.

Socrates Socratous is a successful Internet Marketer and the creator of My Digital Dispatch. He also runs his own newsletter and a blog located at where he provides regular tips for ebook sellers on eBay.

After trying various solutions for auto-delivering ebooks on eBay I found My Digital Dispatch. It is by far the best solution I have come across as it is both flexible, easy to use, and can be purchased with just one payment.

My Digital Dispatch has the following features:
Ebooks are delivered Instantly as soon as your customer makes the Payment!!
You can add unlimited Ebooks to My Digital Dispatch!!
You can have unlimited Email Messages sent with the Products!!
Each message can be customised through Personalisation Variables!!
You can harvest Customer Information!!
My Digital Dispatch keeps a transaction log!!
My Digital Dispatch works 24/7 even with the computer turned off!!
My Digital Dispatch adjusts to any PayPal supported currency!!
My Digital Dispatch checks the price and currency to avoid fraudulent transactions!!
There is no need to update item numbers when selling on eBay!!
You can easily create unlimited different titles to sell the same item on eBay!!
My Digital dispatch works with both eBay Auctions and eBay Buy It Now Listings!!
Much, much more!!

My Digital Dispatch is basically a huge database script which you install on your website. Once installed you then add products (ebooks, software etc) to the Inventory. Then once you have done this you create Items for Sale (the title, price etc of the item you will be selling). This Items for Sale feature is very useful for eBay sellers because you can have lots of different titles for selling the same ebook on eBay. For example you could use both "The 90 Day PowerSeller Challenge Ebook - Can you do it?" or "Become a PowerSeller in 90 Days? Are you up to the challenge?" when selling the 90 Day PowerSeller Challenge Ebook. After you have done this you can then create custom Success and Failure Messages for your products. Success Messages are sent to deliver the product when the correct payment is made by the customer e.g. "Thankyou for purchasing . It can be downloaded from ." Failure Messages are sent when delivery fails, usually because the customer has paid the incorrect amount or in an incorrect currency e.g. "Sorry but the delivery has failed. This could be for a number of reasons. Please get in touch with us to rectify the problem." You can either create a custom Success and Failure Message for each individual product, or use the same custom Success and Failure Message for all products. Finally you can create custom Email Signatures. Again you can either use a different Email Signature for all products or list the same Email Signature. Once you have done this for each product they should be all ready to be auto-delivered.

Now as I said earlier My Digital Dispatch is the best solution I have found for auto-delivering ebooks on eBay. Before I go on to list the good points of My Digital Dispatch, I will first outline the other delivery systems I have used, so that I can better highlight why My Digital Dispatch is superior. Prior to My Digital Dispatch I used two other methods for auto-delivering my ebooks; Outlook Express and Payloadz.

Now using Outlook Express to auto-deliver ebooks is an OK solution when you are starting out. However, as your ebook business grows you will soon find that this method is not the best solution. For starters, the more sales you make, the longer your email program will have to spend sending emails, using up your bandwidth. Secondly, and more importantly this is not true auto-delivery because it only works when your computer is on and Outlook Express is open. Therefore, if you don't go on your computer for a few days or take a holiday all your ebook orders will be piling up, and will not be delivered till you go on your computer next. As you can see this will become quite a problem as paying customers will not be happy about waiting (even just for a few days) for the ebook to be delivered, when your competitors are delivering them instantly.

The next solution I tried was Payloadz ( Unlike using Outlook Express, Payloadz is a good solution for auto-delivering ebooks. With Payloadz you upload your products to their servers and then you are given a ten digit code to insert within your eBay auction title (the code is similar to PL012345678). When a customer buys your product on eBay they are then sent an encrypted download link via Payloadz which you can also set to expire if you like. In exchange for the service Payloadz charge you a monthly fee which is based on how much you sell. There are a few reasons I don't find Payloadz as good as My Digital Dispatch. First, you have to insert a ten digit code into your auction title meaning that you now have ten less digits to describe your item with. Using My Digital Dispatch you can use the full fifty five digit auction title. Secondly, Payloadz restricts you to using Buy It Now and requiring Immediate Payment from buyers, which in turn restricts you to only accepting payment from buyers in your country. My Digital Dispatch also works on Auction listings and does not require Immediate Payment, which means you can accept payment from buyers in any country. Finally, Payloadz is a monthly subscription service and is therefore a recurring expense. My Digital Dispatch is yours to use forever after the one off payment. This saves you money in the long term.

Overall, My Digital Dispatch is in my opinion the best option out there for auto-delivering ebooks on eBay. Hopefully, the comparisons with the other services above, highlight My Digital Dispatch's superiority. The flexibility, customisation, and the fact that you only have to pay for My Digital Dispatch once are why I prefer it over Payloadz. The only feature that I feel Payloadz outdoes My Digital Dispatch on is the encrypted and expiring download links. Payloadz does hide the download location of your ebooks and can also set the links to expire after a certain time. However, Socrates has promised that the next version of My Digital Dispatch will have this feature installed. If you are serious about selling ebooks on eBay then you need My Digital Dispatch.

Allows you to auto-deliver unlimited digital products on and off eBay instantly, 24/7, whether or not you are on your computer.
Allows customised, personalised, messages and signatures to be sent with the digital products.
Allows you to keep a transaction and sales log so that you can analyse this data for planning purposes.
Works with eBay Auction, Buy It Now, and Store Inventory listings.
Once the digital product has been added to My Digital Dispatch there is no need to update auction IDs, listing details etc.
The price and currency paid are checked to make sure you get paid the right amount. If the customer underpays or pays in the wrong currency they do not receive the item.
No monthly subscription fee - Just a one off payment.

At the moment My Digital Dispatch does not encrypt or timeout download links (although this has been promised in the next version).
You need your own website with MySQL databases and PHP in order to operate My Digital Dispatch.

Well what can I say? My Digital Dispatch has probably been one of the most helpful pieces of software, if not the most helpful piece of software I have come across. It saves me huge amounts of time when running my ebook business (located at as I now no longer have to worry about delivering my products to customers. It's all done for me by My Digital Dispatch. Plus if I want to promote other websites or products in the delivery emails then I can do so by using the customised email messages and signatures.
About the Author
Tom Parker offers many impartial ebook reviews just like this one at his website Tom also runs a free newsletter for ebook sellers which you can join by sending an email to: Please include this bio when reprinting.

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