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The Secret of Longevity

By Linda Thompson

There are numerous remarkable events and activities of Nature. Some of them can even be observed in our day-to-day life. However, the human mind is unable to understand the mystery behind them because it has its own limitations.

Generally, only a few people are blessed with long healthy life. But in some places, it has been found that the average life span of the inhabitants is 85-100 years! This is one such mystery of Nature. Let's look at the facts and figures regarding this riddle.

In Italy, on top of the mountain range between Sienna and Naples, there is a village named Campodimele. The natural beauty of this village is picturesque, blissful and stunning. In Europe, this village is also known as "Forever Young" village. All of the residents of this village have seen a minimum of 85 years. To uncover the mystery behind the long life of these villagers, a group of European psychologists went to Campodimele and carried out research on them. They found that the villagers live a peaceful and stress free life. Their eating habits are vegetarian and controlled. Their diet is mandated by fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk, sprouts and boiled cereals. They relax for a time after lunch. Traditionally, they sleep by the early evening and wake up fairly early in the morning. They spend their life in the proximity of Mother Nature.

Nature's comparable gift has been given to the people of Symi island of Greece. The average age of the inhabitants here is 90 years. All residents use tomato, vegetables and salad in abundance. Normally they eat raw or less than cooked vegetables. Due to their diet or nature's unique gift, these people are found working very hard even at the age of 80-90. Hard work, integrity and goodwill are the basis of this society. Their family life is bonded with strong threads of mutual love and caring with a supportive and charitable nature. Inhabitants of this island live stress-free and happy lives with their families.

In the East China Sea, there is an island group known as Okinawa Archipelago. This island is also blessed with longevity. It has been found that the vegetables like sweet potato, leafy vegetables, and cereals are part of their daily diet. Soya bean also forms an essential part of their diet. According to the physiologists, all these elements contain antioxidants, which stop the harmful effects of aging and growth of cancerous free radical cells. Significantly their food contains minimal salt, as a result these people don't have blood pressure and heart related diseases. Even at the age of 80, they can easily do farming. They are very fond of exercises such as, gardening, walking, folk dance and ancient marshal arts. Inhabitants of Okinawa give a great deal of importance to meditation. They successfully try to resolve all of their problems through meditation.

Much research and many tests have been conducted to understand the secret behind the longevity of inhabitants of different regions but no conclusive outcome has been achieved. One thing is for sure that by leading life in a balanced, harmonious, mutually loving, self-controlled and systematic manner and in companionship with nature, one can attain good health and longevity. Naturalists have also come to a consensus that nature and life have a deep inter-connection.

What is the reason that in today's world, long life has become only a dream whereas in ancient India average age of a person used to be 100 years (Jeevem Sharadah Shatam)? Ayurvedic scriptures provide an answer to this. They profess to follow the regimen of Hitbhuk, Ritbhuk and Mitbhuk to attain long and healthy life. Hitbhuk means eating according to the state of health and what is beneficial for health. Eat for health and not taste. Ritbhuk means eat food according to the season and that is prepared with goodwill. Mitbhuk means eat with moderation. Don't overeat. People desirous of attaining healthy body and healthy mind should strictly follow this advice.
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