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Blogs Bring In More Traffic

By Adam Terebeckij

The Blog!

They¡¯re popping up everywhere. Your favorite website has
one. Your favorite television show has one. Even your
teenager has one. Blogs. What are they? Why are they
everywhere you look?

Most simply put, blogs are like journals¡ªonly, instead of
being made of the paper and cardboard kept secret by an
even thinner piece of cardboard and a lock your baby
brother frequently opened with a paperclip, these journals
are online. Why does it seem like everyone has one? Well,
because almost everyone does. And there¡¯s good reason.
Blogs can be used as journals, both private and public; they
can be used as ways for fans to discuss the latest episode
of their favorite sitcom; or, they can be used by major
companies, especially those that are Internet-based,
because unlike the traditional forms of advertising, blogs
bring in more traffic.

For business purposes, there are many ways companies
use blogs. For example, a company may have several blogs
on its website, each one dedicated to something different:
customer concerns, product updates, etc. In addition to
being helpful to customers and other website visitors, these
blogs bring in more traffic to the website. Depending on
the website, more traffic usually means more money. And
more money means¡ªthat's right¡ªyou're on your way to
that summer home in the Hamptons!

So, how exactly do blogs bring in more traffic? Well,
Adsense ads with Google are a good starting point. The
search engine visits your page more each time you update,
ultimately moving your blog higher and higher on the SERPs
(Search Engine Results Page) and leading to more revenue
from the ads being represented in your blog.

Some pointers? First, the blogger will need to decide what
he or she is going to write about. Choose a popular topic,
one that people are interested in. ¡°Underwater Basket
Weaving¡± probably wouldn't be a very wise choice as not
many people seem to be interested in it. Unless, of course,
you're business is underwater basket weaving, in which
case you should by all means write about it. Next, focus on
some keywords¡ªthese are the words that search engines
are going to pick up on. Don't dowse your blog in these
words, but use them whenever you effectively can. Lastly,
make sure you write content that will attract, and keep, a
strong readership. You want your readers to keep coming
back, right?

Go ahead, join the millions of people and businesses. Get
yourself a blog. Or corner your boss and suggest writing
one for your company. Explain how blogs bring in more
traffic, more traffic means more money, and more money
means¡ªthat's right again!¡ªyou're on your way to the
About the Author
Adam Terebeckij makes it easy to find work from home job opportunites.
For a complete job list and to sign up for your FREE home business tips newsletter,
visit this site now:

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