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Wedding Plans - Getting Down To Business In The Honeymoon Suite

By Kacy Carr

Wedding Plans are similar to that of a business venture, in what way you ask, well usually there is a partner involved then the initial expense outlay followed by commitment and last but not least the most important part of the deal is to have success on the day and for the future.

Your wedding day without doubt is going to be one of the most special days in both you and your partners life so it is important to let wisdom take centre stage when drawing up your wedding plan list, e.g. learn by others mistakes.
Mistakes like going over the budget - clashing of colours with the bridal gown even wrong choice of venue or flowers can spoil the day.

After the date has been finalized for your wedding make sure that you remember to prioritize your wedding plans to-do-list by having your future husband/wife at your side when making decisions - by doing this any likes or dislikes from both parties can be amicably solved therefore preventing any arguments before the ring is on the finger.

Cost effective weddings are just as special as costly ones so if you are on a budget stick to it to save any heartache further down the line when the pennies are much more appreciated in running the marital home.

The build up to the big day can prove to be very stressful and it doesn't have to be if your wedding plans have been carefully detailed out and scrutinized over and over again so that no stone has been left unturned - last minute hitches can cause so much sorrow. Why not call on close friends and family for some advice regarding your wedding plans - this can prove to be very helpful as well as receiving fresh tips and ideas from people who want the best for you and partner.

To make your wedding day unique in a cost effective way then do every thing yourself - either you or someone you know or that they know will be handy with a needle and cotton. Remember word of mouth will bring results as well as a bridal gown - just ask. If by chance you have a talent like sculpturing water garden features etc try advertising in a local newspaper your product in return for the services of a seamstress.

If weather permitting take your wedding vows in the garden (Check that the vicar is available) - decorate accordingly as this location can be used for the reception venue. Ask a friend for the use of their garden if you find yours is too small to accommodate the wedding guests invited. White weddings in cooler months - then hire a marquee. A running buffet is a suitable way of filling the guest's belly attending an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The wedding cake, how are your baking skills in the kitchen - don't fret, sponge cake mixes are there for the taking - borrow a good recipe book from the library on how to pipe cream your confectionery. Practice makes perfect have a few dummy runs in the scullery. Not confident enough to take on the task then spread the word.
Look for discount sales on wedding bands - rings do not have to be gold.

Photographs - everyone has a camera so finding a photographer should not be difficult. Crap snaps are definitely out of the question so check out the quality of the photographers previous wedding shots.
Flowers can be picked from the garden or open fields. If you feel the need to add to the hand held wedding accessory then a trail of ribbons can enhance the bouquet. The headdress can be a crown of flowers to compliment the bridal posy. The options are endless for making your wedding day special - planning is the key to success.

Walk to the church on a fine spring/summers day - it may sound unusual - but unique thus saving on wedding cars and good for the environment (pollution from exhaust fumes)

Weddings are very similar to that of a business where in time you retire just like the happy couple as man and wife to the honeymoon suite to get down to business.

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