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Paying Taxes Should Be Your Pleasure

By Malik Ahmad

Let's talk about one of life's two inevitabilities, death and taxes. Just the thought of taxes can scare people out of their minds. One should always keep in mind that in order to pay taxes, you must make a profit. Having to pay taxes is an indicator that you are succeeding in business. As a business success, you know that taxes must be paid, you also know that paying more than you have to pay, does not make you a better patriot. The law allows us (business owners/entrepreneurs) to lower our tax burdens. Your first step should be to get yourself organized. Even if you are organized, it is still be a scary experience. But you will be prepared and that will eliminate some of your stress and anxiety. You have to keep all your records and documents in order to be able to file easier at the end of the year. As a home business owner you have a chance to save a lot money by knowing how to take advantage of your home business situation. Make separate folders for each category, medical bills/copays, postage, dinner/lunches, miles driven, utility bills, gas reciepts, property taxes, business supplies, new vehicle purchases, insurance, business cards, you get the picture. These are just some of the write-offs we can enjoy as business owners.
You can write off your business cards and stationary, plus any business meals and entertainment. All business traveling expenses, education, and even the interest on your business credit card can be counted in your favor. If you use a computer the Internet service and web page related expenses could be deducted as well. Office furniture, supplies, your phone and other communication devices are also necessities that have deductions. Any postage or delive

You may qualify for the C-EZ form if you have had a bad year or just got started. Your total business expenses will have to be less than $5000 for that year; you have no inventory, or have to file a 4562 form (depreciation and amortization form). Make sure first and foremost that your expenses are less than $5000 and that you have taken all the deductions you are entitled to.

A large decision is who will be doing your taxes. You need to decide if you plan to do them yourself or if you want someone else to do them for you. There are several advantages in using a tax professional. They can save you much time and unneeded frustration. They can spot deductions you might miss or not know about. It also saves you from being responsible for any errors that were made in the preparation, which could end up saving you thousands. No matter how you decide to prepare your taxes be sure to claim all possible deductions to save you in the long run. A business has many breaks for the taxpayer for a reason and you should make sure you know what you qualify for and how to save.

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