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An Optimization That Can Please Your Customers AND The Search Engines

By Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


How do the visitors to your website find you?

There's a big difference between hits to your site and qualified visitors to your site!

Hits are just a showing of your site's home page that you can get by the thousands with pop under scripts and exit-exchange programs.

Qualified Visitors are people who looks for information, that found your site through a link on other site, or through a search on the Search Engines.

If a person knows your web site's URL he can just type in on his browser and will find you, but MOST of your visitors won't know that you exist before they find you, and they will find you thanks to the optimisation of website pages.

The big difference between the hits and the qualified visitors, is that the qualified or targeted visitors are looking for the contents of your web site, and that from every 200 bulk untargeted visitors you will only get 1 qualified visitor, so you definitely need to go for the qualified targeted visitors.

Most of the places that talk about optimisation of website pages will teach you tricks to get a better ranking on the Search Engines, they will teach you how to manipulate the relevancy algorithms of the Search Engines, to receive a better placement on a keyword search, but I think that the effort must not be put on the tricks, but on the quality of the content.


* Every trick that you use will be discovered sooner or later by the Search Engines
* If the Search Engines discover you, they will ban your entire web site
* Search Engines evolve month after month, and they become more and more complex to cheat
* Search Engines keep on changing their algorithm
* Your web pages must please the Search Engines AND your visitor (or they will click away as soon as they arrive)

And what pleases the Search Engines AND the visitors?

RELEVANT AND GOOD CONTENT about the keyword that they came looking for.

Do not waste your time in the optimisation of website pages with the goal of manipulating the Search Engine's algorithms, you will have to work too hard on the wrong part of your pages.

Work on your business instead, and write more optimised theme pages.


It's a fact that you mustn't just go for visitors to your home page, because although your targeted visitors match the content of your web site, they have never seen your site before, they don't know that your site exists, and they will arrive to your website through a search about a very specific theme.

Your home page will have many different offers, and a lot of information that not everybody wants to read about. Then your targeted traffic campaign should never be based on your home page, because your visitors will read it for not more than 6 seconds, and either you catch their attention or they'll be moving to another web site.

You need to write many theme pages specially designed, and this is where the optimization of website pages is needed.

Your theme pages must:

* Load fast
* They must not have pop ups or pop under
* They must show your unique selling proposition or give the information in a flash
* They must offer such a good content that will compel your viewers to read your other pages, or go to your site's home page
* They must have a clear call to action
* They must provide an easy way to bookmark them


Your theme pages must have enough hooks to call the attention of the Search Engines.

The hooks are the specific keywords of each page (concentrating on only one keyword per page will do well).
Write every week a new web page and blend your hook (keyword) with excellent content about an specific theme.

You must make sure that you put your keyword...

* On the title tag
* On the keywords tag
* On the web page description
* On the body title
* On a comment
* On an image alt tag
* Bolded at any place of the body
* At the beginning, the middle and the end of your text


In every advertising campaign you have to do testing, and when you are in an optimisation of website pages campaign, you could tweak your pages, and test them changing the headlines, the meta tags, the length of the body, the colors, the web page layout, etc.

But my advice is that you must concentrate on creating new good content.

Once you have written a web page, make sure that your content has all the topics mentioned on the content's title and then stop the testing there, don't tweak, just build more content, and once you have 20+ web pages, start a links exchange campaign.

And as you build more good content for more keywords, and start getting more and more inbound links from your links exchange campaign, your keywords will start to rank higher and higher without endless tweaking and testing.

And persevere! Keep on building good content pages and exchanging links, it may take months to see the results, but it's like a snow ball, just start rolling it and..


* Your less competitive keywords will rank better first
* Your links exchange campaign will give you some links to start
* Then people will start writing you asking to exchange links
* Then your most competitive keywords will rank better

So the optimisation of website pages, boils down to only three steps.

STEP 1: Build more and more web pages with good quality content, about keywords related with your web site's theme
STEP 2: Start a links exchange campaign
STEP 3: Keep on building more web pages, and exchanging links, until you reach success

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

About the Author
Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at: And you can post free your own articles, or find free articles for your web site or ezine at

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