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Stop Anxiety - Master Your Environment

By William T. Gray

You have felt it come over you... the sense of your body overreacting. The knots in the stomach, the tenseness, the rapid heartbeat, the uncomfortable feeling of panic. You have those anxiety attacks, big and small, and you would like to have the control to stop them. You can get that control. You can master your body and its reactions. Just as you have learned many things in your life, you can learn how to control and eliminate the causes of anxiety.


Anxiety is a fear reaction triggered by environmental conditions. Somewhere along the way in your life you met conditions that left you uncomfortable. You remember the conditions of that bad time and your brain has stored that combination of events and memories. That brain stored reaction is triggered when conditions arise that have been linked to that prior time.

Your brain is trying to protect you, but in many cases it has inappropriately linked events and memories and fear together in a mix that creates anxiety at the wrong time. You have to do some work to untangle that bad mix in your head. This can be done by you, once you're shown how. It's just like learning how to swing a golf club, drive a car, or do a dance.

It's a question of knowledge and practice. When you learn what to do and then how to do it you can solve problems and do things that you couldn't do the day before. Take a look at the Resource Guide link that is shown above to get direct information to help you.

We are all sensitive beings. That's part of being human. That sensitivity gives us the openings to enjoy the many beautiful and thrilling things in the world. But our brain is not perfect at putting events and memories together. Sometimes our brain tries to protect us and help us, but has actually created a mixed up grouping that triggers anxiety at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons. We can fix that. You can fix that. Just like you can learn to play the piano or ride a bike, you can guide your brain and body to learn in ways useful to you. You can also guide your brain and body to overcome reactions or habits that are not serving you well. Anxiety attacks tell you that your brain and body have developed a reaction that is not helpful to you. It's like having a bad swing in golf. The wrong combinations got embedded. You can work that out and get yourself back to where you want to be. It takes knowledge of what to do and then some practice to get right.

Take advantage of the knowledge available to you to reduce or eliminate your anxiety. The Resource Guide link is one proven method that you can use to reduce your anxiety. If anxiety is bothering you and you want to do something about it, you can. Anxiety can be overcome.

You'll enjoy life more when you've cleared out the bad combination of emotion, environment and fear that is causing you to suffer anxiety. Do you want to enjoy life more? Well, sometimes you've got to make the effort to get what you want. Here's the knowledge to reduce anxiety and eliminate that from your life. If you want to eliminate anxiety, take it. The knowledge and freedom can be yours. It's a walk in the park. A nice one at that.

(c) 2006

Note to Publishers: You may freely republish this article in print and online provided you do not edit or alter the contents, and you include the About the Author bio as is. When published online the links must be kept hyperlink active.

About the Author
William T. Gray writes on a variety of health, wealth and personal relationship topics. His articles are widely published. See for more information.

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