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Things to Consider When purchasing Commercial Phone Systems

By Kingston Amadan

As a retailer for commercial phone systems, I am often asked what criteria should be considered when revamping or replacing a business phone system. While there are many individual considerations that are specific to each situation, most of these fall under the umbrella of knowing what you have and what you need, and finding the best price.

First, you will need to know what type of phone system you have, what type of phone system you need and your current expansion possibilities. Both Key systems and PBX can be expanded, although Key systems will only afford you so many lines. Expansion is almost always cheaper than bringing in a new system, so if you can expand on your current system, weigh the costs of doing so against replacing the entire system. Based on your current usage and expected growth, you should be able to surmise what course of action to take regarding expansion or replacement.

Next, you will want to find the features you need at the lowest price. Indeed, it's as simple as it sounds. If you are expanding, you will simply add more lines and handsets in conjunction with your current setup, so features really don't apply unless you are upgrading handsets. If you are only expanding the same setup, you are more or less relegated to adding more of what you already have. If you are replacing a phone system, however, features and price are your main consideration.

Get a high quality, expandable phone system with the features you require that will handle your future volume needs while keeping an eye on the bottom line. It's no different than buying a car while you are considering starting a family. You want something that meets your needs now, but that will also be capable of handling your needs in the future for the absolute lowest price.

Buying a commercial or business phone system doesn't have to be complicated. Like anything else, once you are familiar with what's out there, a little research and cost/benefit analysis will go a long way toward helping you get exactly what you need.
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