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Lifestyle and diet as causal factors of cancer?

By Fritz Frei

Doe's you know, that 80 percent of cancers can be prevented if people were to adhere to three simple rules


1.         Stay out of the sun

2.         Eat healthy food including lots of fruit and vegetables

3.         Stop smoking


Skin cancer


White Australians and South Africans have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, but 90 percent of all skin cancers are curable – if detected early.


Traditional diet


Black people living in rural areas have a high incidence of oesophageal cancer as a result of their traditional diet, which contains very little fibre. Other factors contributing to this are cooking methods, grain storage methods and a high consumption of home-brewed beer. The incidence of these cancers becomes much lower if people move to the cities where fresh fruit and vegetables are more readily available.


Smoking and drinking


Smoking and drinking also appear to play a major factor in the incidence of cancer. It is estimated 30 percent of all cancers are smoking-related. As more and more women have become smokers in recent decades, so the incidence of lung cancer has risen amongst them. While breast cancer appears to be oestrogen-related in some way, it has also been noticed that a fair percentage of women who develop breast cancer consume fair amounts of alcohol.


Genetic factors


Genetic factors also play a role. It does sometimes happen that healthy young people who get exercise, eat healthily, stay out of the sun, don't smoke and don't drink, get cancer. To a certain degree, it remains a mysterious disease, but one, if detected early, can mostly be sorted out by means of the right medical attention.


Diet the determining factor?


Epidemiologists who have studied the prevalence of cancer amongst the different populations of the world have found that diet determines 40 percent of all cancers. The incidence of different types of cancer in different regions points to diet being instrumental in the causing of cancer. Studies appear to disprove genetic determinants, as cancer incidence amongst immigrants to a new country quickly takes on the characteristic incidence of those already living there.


Eating the wrong type of food can increase one's chances of getting cancer by 40 percent. You must know, that eating the right kind of food containing cancer-fighting molecules, such as fruit and vegetables, can make a huge difference.


With our next information – we will inform you about the "The right diet as a protection of cancer?"–you should have a look on this site in the next 2 weeks! You have more questions – send us a mail!



Fritz Frei Admin


About the Author
Fritz Frei make it easy to check out the important details about the problems to living with cancer. To receive more information's about all cancer -questions - Links and last research NEW's - visit the

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