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Protect your possessions while at a vacation

By Greg Carson

You normally get excited and overwhelmed by the thought of a long vacation. May it be for a couple of weeks or one month, as long as you can break away from the monotonous working environment. It is a welcome bonus of life!

However, before you pack your things and have an escape from the toil and laze around some place exotic, you need to insure that your personal belongings at home/apartment are safe and will still be in tact when you return.

Renters and Home Insurance may save you from out-of-the-pocket expenses when something bad happens to your home or belongings. While your Renters and home insurance policy will cover the expenses or the damages that you will incur on unfortunate circumstances such as fire or theft, it is equally important that you safeguard your abode and your personal possessions in it, while enjoying the holidays.

Make sure that all of your electrical equipment, such as hair dryer, curling iron, kitchen appliance and all other frequently used household appliances are unplugged before you leave the house. You can also move all electrically powered appliances and equipment to a dry area, away from places where water can leak to avoid damaging them.

Of course, you don't want to make it known that you're not at home. Housebreakers are just around the corner ready to attack a prey. Installing light timers in your home is a keen trick to deceive burglars from breaking into your home. Set up the lights in different rooms and program them at varying times, before your departure.

Do not hide house keys in your mailbox, under the rug or in the flower pots. You wouldn't want the thieves to have an easy access to your home and belongings.

Leave a contact number or information with your relatives in case of emergency. We may not wish for it to happen, but if worse comes to worse and an unavoidable incident takes place at your home in your absence, you don't want to be the last to know about it.

These are just some of the safety measures that will shield your home from unwanted situations. You may have insurance for your home or the place that you're renting, but precautionary measures still apply in preserving the greatest asset that you have.

Additional information about home and renters insurance can be found at

About the Author
Greg Carson is a writer with interests in self-improvement business and finance.

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