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Ebay Ebook Success Tips: New Years Resolutions!!!

By Tom Parker

I hope you all had a good break during the holidays and are now ready to get back to work. Now many of you may have set yourselves New Years Resolutions. If you haven't I can think of a few good ones for potential ebook sellers:

1) Register as a seller on eBay - If you have been putting it off for ages now is the ideal time to register. Why? Because now not only will you have the usually things that you have been meaning to get rid of for some time, but you may also have unwanted Christmas gifts. I really cannot emphasise enough, the need to register on eBay to sell as soon as possible. Selling on eBay takes a while to master, and like many other things, practice makes perfect. The sooner you register, the sooner you can get good at it, and you will also be one step closer to starting a business on eBay. If you really do not have any physical items around the house that you wish to sell then why not try selling an ebook? You can get resellable ebooks free or very cheap from a variety of websites and newsletter. Listings start at just 15p so you can experiment with selling for an incredibly small investment.

2) If you have been selling on eBay for some time, consider getting an eBay shop - At only £6 a month the benefits really are worth it. The first major benefit is the cheaper listing fees (Buy It Now Store Listing Fees start at only 5p a month). Although Store Listings don't get as much exposure as eBay Auction and Buy It Now listings, you can use a combination of the listing types to save money, and also increase sales. Other benefits include Sales Reports Plus (which incorporate eBay fees and PayPal fees to show how much you have actually made), Traffic Reports, an actual website address that you can direct your customers to: "", custom shop pages, and much more. If you are trying to grow your eBay business aggressively, then you really need to consider getting an eBay shop.

3) If you have an eBay shop and sell on eBay, try to improve your business in some way - The improvements need only be small to be effective. For example, maybe you need to update your About Me page to reflect your business more appropriately. Perhaps you could redesign your listings so that they look more professional. Or maybe you could set yourself a goal to add a new product to your inventory every month. This last goal is a particularly good one for ebook sellers as once added to your inventory, you can have an ebook there as long as you wish without having to buy new stock.

I hope that these tips help you grow your business in the New Year. Good Luck for 2006!!!
About the Author
Tom Parker has been selling ebooks and software with resell rights on eBay since 2003 at In 2006 he created from which he eventually intends to sell his own ebook. He also opened which reviews the very best ClickBank products available. Feel free to use and reprint any of his articles on this website. However, please include the author bio so that Tom Parker is credited.

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