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Auto Sales Training in the 21st Century

By Tim Davis

Auto sales training is definitely not what it used to be.

In the 70's, you could walk onto an auto dealers
showroom floor, ask for a job and be selling a car that
afternoon. No experience, no background to speak of,
as well as (generally) no character.

The 80's changed little; however, technology began to
take hold. Software began making its first entry into
the world of auto sales. Consequently, auto sales
training moved in a completely new direction with the
first introduction and integration of technology.

Things were on the move.

The 90's introduced many changes. The market
became extremely competitive, as technology
continued to advance. Dealerships in the 90's began
to embrace technology, albeit slowly.

Websites were being developed by every type of
market. More and more dealers began realizing that
having a website was no longer a luxury, but a
necessity. With technology really beginning to take off,
dealers were able to integrate many of their core
processes, including auto sales training, creating a
more cohesive dealership.

Then came the year 2000, ushering in the 21st

Dealers in this century have realized that in order to
remain not only competitive, but just to remain on the
map, they have to set themselves apart from the rest
of their competition. They must take their auto sales
training to the next level.

Just over 30 years ago, a guy could get a job and
begin making sales that afternoon¡­now there are
comprehensive auto sales training programs that
manufacturers are making mandatory. Sales
certification is on the rise and becoming a major
incentive for the actual sales representatives in order
to earn more income directly from the manufacturers

Technology has changed the way we train our staff.

Once upon a time, the computer was just a neat piece
of equipment that took up space and required a ton of
time just to learn how to operate. Today, with the
ease of use, and vast array of applications, it has
become a core aspect of every part of every business
in the world.

Dealerships can engage distance programs in some of
the best auto sales training programs available. By
simply logging into a web application, sales reps of
dealerships all around the country can engage in timely
and informative sales strategies, no longer limited to
what their individual sales managers can teach.

Today, in addition to technology, many other aspects
of auto sales training have changed. Customer
service, client retention, relationship building,
prospecting, negotiation strategies, etc, are all huge
aspects that dealerships today focus on in the auto
sales training process.

Gone are the days where a guy/gal can simply go to a
dealership, apply for a job¡­and within hours find
themselves standing in front of a prospect wanting to
buy the latest 2006 model. It just doesn't work like
that any longer.

Dealers need to ensure that they not only have a
professionally trained staff, but also one that has an
incredible amount of character. Although many areas
of sales have been criticized for years as being
"shysters" and "unscrupulous," fortunately this is an
area that the majority of dealers in the US have shed

By implementing new and technologically innovative
methods in the auto sales
process, dealers have enabled their
organizations to not only have a well informed staff,
but also a more informed and receptive audience.

Auto dealers in the US have used technology to their
advantage, and in the end we have all benefited. By
creating an auto sales training process that takes
advantage of these advances addressed above,
dealerships have begun to really connect with their
buying public. This has enabled respectable
dealerships to really become a huge part of their local
communities, which in the end is good for us all. Better
relationships equal better prices.

Sign up for Tim's 7 part mini-course to see how AutomatorPlus can help either you as a salesperson or you as a manager. Click here:
auto sales training.

About the Author
Tim Davis is the Marketing Director for Breiter Strom, an international marketing company based out of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Tim has been a major contributor to the newest Breiter Strom product "AutomatorPlus," the product that has more dealerships buzzing than imaginable.

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