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Dalmatian dog training tips

By Michael Rad

Dals, as dogs from this breed are often called, are a very popular appearance in any setting. Dog training is important, not only because it allows you to live peacefully with this energetic dog but also because Dalmatians tend to attract a lot of attention, especially from children, and you want the dog to be properly socialized and safe. Dalmatian training programs are designed to suit the dog's natural characteristics of a companion dog. Dalmatians seek affection but only from the people they trust – and they tend to take a while before trusting strangers. As with any dog breed, personality differences can be noticed with Dals – some area easier to train, some will give you a hard time. Here are a few of the most common Dalmatian training tips that will help you shape your dog into a real friend and companion:
· Patience is important when training a Dalmatian – they are quite independent and you might have to go through a routine several times before they start learning – not because they lack the intelligence, but because they tend to have their own way at first.
· Although they mature from a physical point of view relatively fast, they still act like puppies until they are about one and a half to two years old. And if you are looking for a good Dalmatian training tip , here it is: do not expect maturity from your dog until he reaches 2 years of age, and, even then, don't restrict his playful nature completely.
· Dals are active dogs, so make sure to offer them training routines that involve physical exercise – they love it!
· Dalmatian housebreaking training is not very difficult and the dog learns quickly what is allowed and disallowed around the house.
· Chewing toys are a must with the Dalmatian. Since they are in a puppy state for longer than most dogs, you should also try to adapt your training methods to this. Start the Dalmatian training program early, otherwise the puppy will turn into a very independent adult Dalmatian that will be a lot harder to train.
· Some Dalmatians do well in tracking and obedience trials, but you have to find the ones with the proper personality if you are thinking of training them professionally. The road trial, a sport where the dog accompanies a horse or a horse-drawn coach as an adornment and as protection is also a favorite Dalmatian activity.
· Teaching your dog obedience training commands is not different from other dog breeds, but keep in mind that you are dealing with and active and stubborn breed, and patience and creativity have to be combined if the dog-training program aims to be a success.
· When taken care of properly, these dogs can live up to 16 years. Proper Dalmatian training will ensure a better life, both for you and your spotted pet.
More Dalmatian training resources here:
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