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6 Free Ways to Get Quality Targeted Website Traffic - Part 1

By Matthew Glanfield

Did you realize that there are easy ways to get free quality traffic to you
website? Most webmasters do not realize that some of the best website
traffic that they can receive won't cost them a dime.

In fact, one of my websites receives hundreds of newsletter subscriptions a
month without me having to spend a dime on advertising.

Most Internet marketers will tell you how to write good ads and pay the write
amount per click at Google and Yahoo, but what they won't tell you (usually
because they don't know) is how to get free traffic that will actually convert
into more revenue than the paid traffic!

There is only one catch - these traffic generating techniques will cost you
your time instead of your money. Now you could easily make it cost you
money instead by hiring someone else to do it for you, but that is your

If you apply these simple techniques you will get more target traffic to your

Here are six easy ways to get quality targeted traffic to your website free of

1. Participate in popular online forums.

One of the easiest ways to gain exposure to your website for free is to
become a member of a few popular forums that are related to your niche
market. For example, if you run a website about making money from
affiliate marketing, a good place to go might be a forum about affiliate

The key here is not to blatantly advertise, but instead actually participate in
the discussions and become a respected member of the forums. You can
place your website with a few keywords in your signature, or even post links
to articles that you have created that might be of interest.

Basically the more you participate and help others with their problems on
these forums the more respected you will become and the more people will
follow the link to your website.

One of my first successful websites received close to 2000 visitors per day
simply from a couple of forums that were in my market. All I had to do was
participate. I then told them about my website that would help them as a
free resource. Before I knew it I was receiving a ton of visitors and my traffic
grew simply from this one technique.

However, do not openly advertise without first participating, as this will get
you nowhere.

2. Submit your articles to article directories.

You should already have articles published on your website (and if don't
start writing some!). If all they are doing is sitting on your website then you
are only using 1% of their potential!

You should visit the popular article directories (such as and submit your articles to these directories.

When you submit your articles be sure to include a good resource box. It
should contain three of four lines about yourself and a good call to action
(such as "Get your free report on..." or "Find out more at..."). Resource boxes
should always be written in the third-person.

3. Submit your articles to ezine publishers.

You should also start searching for other ezine publishers in your niche
market. Do extensive Google searches and also pay attention on the
forums where you are advertising.

Sign up first for these newsletters and then start a correspondence with the
ezine list owner. Let them know that you have some articles that would
interest their readers (and make sure that your articles would!). Ask if he or
she would publish them along with the resource box.

You will be surprised at how many publishers will willingly agree to this.
Webmasters spend a lot of time looking for good content for their websites
and for their ezines. If you are able to provide them with this resource, and
your articles are good quality and not just sales letters, they will gladly

To be continued...

This is part one of two articles. You can look for the next article that will
contain three other tips that will help you to create viral traffic that will
spread like fire!

About the Author
Matthew Glanfield is an Internet marketing veteran of 3 years. Receive his free email course on how to start your own Internet business by visiting

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