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The Income Magic of Ebooks

By Gail Morris

Information sells well – online and offline. The difference is that online information gives the reader instant gratification. You just point, click and read. No traveling to bookstores or waiting for your order to come in.

So how do you harness this power? How do you make this work for you?

Ebooks are a powerful viral marketing, affiliate marketing and direct response marketing technique in one package.

Just imagine selling your ebook to a customer but the income doesn't stop there. You have back links in the book (affiliate links) pointing to other software and information products your reader may need. You have also added this customer to your list, which allows you to market to them in the future.

Never recommend a product or information that you haven't already read or used yourself. These are your readers who will come to depend upon your recommendations and when those recommendations result in something that is valueless you have lost not only one sale but many down the road.

There are no copy costs, delivery costs, postage costs, printing costs and friends can share freely across the Internet, from sea to shining sea!

The first thing you must have is an ebook over which you have master rights. This isn't the time or the place to discuss the ins and outs of resale rights but suffice it to say you must own this piece of property. This is an ebook you've either purchased Master Resale Rights to or you've authored yourself.

Ebooks are also viral marketing products. You can set them up so they are given away between friends and each of the affiliate links in the book remains yours. You can offer an ebook through a tell-a-friend script on your site – when your customer tells three friends about your site they get a free book that they can also giveaway.

You can give this book away on other people's sites (who have similar content), through other peoples lists (joint venture), on forums and chat groups and in your signature line. Don't underestimate the power of valuable information being passed from person to person. Especially when that information is NOT about Internet Marketing. Find a niche that is under exposed with a large audience and you've got the real makings of a virus!

Your abilities to use ebooks are only limited by your imagination. Brainstorm with another person and think outside the box. How else can you use a product you've developed once, to generate another income stream?

The most important piece to this puzzle is to take action on your ideas. Ideas, no matter how good, are useless if they are not acted upon.

About the Author
Gail Morris is an e-book author and owner of She teaches others to research, write, publish & market e-books through her free BookMark It! e-zine. People who request BookMark It! also receive a free report to improve their current business or motivate them to start a new one.

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