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Lottery Syndicates: The Smarter Way To Play The Lotto?

By Jason Lewis

Do you play the lottery? Just like everyone else who buys a ticket, I'm sure you'd love
to win the jackpot, am I right?

The problem as I'm sure you already know, is that the odds of scooping a big lottery
win are extremely low.

However, there is something you can do to drastically increase your chances of
winning a big cash prize, just by changing the way you play the lotto. Instead of just
playing on your own, why don't you consider playing as part of a lottery syndicate?

I know what you're thinking¡­yeah that's a great idea but I don't want to share the
prize with anyone. The thing is; with a syndicate you are far more likely to win, than if
you just play with your own tickets.

It's Better To Have A Share In A Big Lottery Prize, Than No Win At All

Think about the times when you've read about a lottery win of some note. How
many times have you seen a picture of a syndicate winning it? It's appears that
syndicates seem to win it more often than individuals these days.

That's because savvy lottery players are joining more and more syndicates to increase
their chances of winning.

When you see all those syndicate winners posing for photos with some celebrity, do
they look disappointed to you? Of course they don't, they are as pleased as punch!

Even if you win a share in one of the smaller prizes, that could still make a huge
difference to your life. What could you do with a ?5000 lottery win?

* You could enjoy a fantastic holiday abroad

* Pay off some or all of your debts

* Buy a newer car

* Get some new furniture for your house

The Problems With A Syndicate

Obviously, like a lot of things, syndicates do have their drawbacks. Many
syndicates are formed by friends and work colleagues. Everything usually
starts out on good terms, but it's common for a certain amount of friction to
build up between syndicate members. Even before any money is won.

Someone has to be appointed to collect the money and buy the lottery
tickets. This in itself can be a bone of contention, because you need to
have someone that everyone in the syndicate trusts.

It's not just about whether they will run off with the money if you win, but
they also need to be very reliable, so that everyone knows the tickets are
always purchased every single week, without fail.

I'm sure you've read about the horror stories, when the syndicate numbers
come up, but the person in charge of buying the tickets forgot to buy them.

There's also the problem with some syndicate members not paying on time.
They say things like: "they are a bit short of money this week, so they will
pay double next week". What happens if you win this week, and they
hadn't paid their money? That's when serious infighting can occur.

In my book though, playing the lottery as part of a syndicate is definitely
the smarter way to play. I believe that the positives far outweigh the
negatives, because you are so much more likely to win.
Instead of just 1 or two lines this week, how do you fancy your chances
with 80?

What if you did 80 lines every single week? Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
Playing the lottery like this makes the whole experience so much more

A Hassle Free Alternative

Because of the rising popularity of lottery syndicates, there are now a few
companies who take care of managing the syndicate for you.

* They bring together people interested in joining, so you can join a
syndicate straightaway.

* They collect all the money from every member by direct debit, so you
never get people in the syndicate who haven't paid to be there every

* They buy all the tickets electronically, and give you your numbers before
the draw is made. So you always know for certain, that the tickets have
been purchased.

Personally, I think this really takes away the hassle, and puts the fun back
into playing the lottery. I don't know what you think, but for me, it sure
beats standing in that long queue every week, waiting to buy a ticket.

If you want to really improve your chances of winning the lotto, you should
seriously consider joining a lottery syndicate.

About the Author
Jason Lewis is a lottery syndicate consultant for the UK's leading syndicate management company. To increase your chances of winning the lottery by 702%, and discover how you play 88 lines every week for free, visit:

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