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Men's Killer Dating Mistake!

By Mick Jones

"Men's Killer Dating Mistake."
and how to avoid it!
By Mick Jones

Once you are good at meeting women online,
or anywhere for that matter… The next step is to
be able to qualify the lady quickly. By qualify I mean to decide whether to see her again and allow her into your life. This is a very important skill for many reasons.

Here is the Killer mistake a lot of men make!

They spend too much time with a woman they should
have "disqualified" 20 minutes after they met her.
Mainly because they're glad to meet any woman who
shows an interest in them.

What's the best way to avoid the pain and hassle
of a bad partner?

To be able to disqualify a future partner!
Not easy I know.

See, the men that are good with women, don't waste
their time and energy on someone they instinctively
know is going to be trouble. These guys have good qualifying skills, being able to move on quickly
from un-responsive or unsuitable women. Then
spending their time with only highly qualified dates.

This is 'effective time management' for producing
the best results!

So how do you qualify you ask?

Mmmmhhh, good question and a skill not practiced
by many.

Let's look at it and give an example.

What men good with women do is to have clearly defined criteria and as soon as they identify a trait that is outside of their criteria, they politely discontinue interest and move on.

You need to know what your desired outcome is,

Whether it is finding one lady for a permanent one on
one committed relationship. Or you may want adventure
and good times without too much commitment. If you
don't decide your desired outcome, you can't define
your ideal dating partner. Once you do know your
outcome, however, the next step is to define the
criteria of the "ideal dating partner."

Once you have that criteria defined, you want to as
Quickly as possible find out if a woman fits that
criteria. If she doesn't, then you need to spend your
time identifying those who do. This is where most men
make the 'Killer mistake.'

They stick with a woman they should "disqualify,"
hoping she'll develop the traits they're looking for.
If she doesn't fit your criteria, decide and move on quickly. Then spend your valuable time and energy
finding one who does.

Heres a common example. If you're looking to be
married, and you're dating a woman who says,
"I just want to have some fun and meet people, and if
it goes further, we'll see what happens,"
then you need to disqualify her.
She's looking for fun and adventure, not marriage, so she'll be hard work to change to the traits you are
looking for. And waste your valuable time…

Fair enough? So you'll need to find and spend time
with the type of women that suits your criteria.
Write your criteria down and look at it BEFORE you
send kisses, winks and emails at online dating sites.

If you just want to date and meet as many women as
possible, which I did when I first went online to get experience, Your criteria can be small. However this
Gets frustrating and disappointing as you are not
spending quality time with quality women. Then a
Year has gone by and you've had a lot of fun, but
still not a really special, high quality woman
in your life, that I'm sure you desire…

So the key to avoid the 'killer mistake' with online
dating or any dating, is to define what YOU WANT.
Then put as much time and energy as you can
with women who fit that criteria, quickly moving on
from women who don't. As hard and harsh as that may
be, your success with women will be a direct result
of how you manage your time! This will lead you to
finding the type of woman who you want and look forward
to spending time with.

This leads to a feeling of well being, success and contentment.

Good luck, I hope you've got value from this article.

Mick Jones

About the Author
Mick Jones.
Mick has cut his teeth on the front line of the dating battlefields. After many wounds and scars, he now has consistent success! You can too, to sign up to this newsletter, subscribe box is on our home page at;
Mail to;
Wren Crescent, Buderim, Queensland, 4556, Australia.

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