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The Essentials of Internet Marketing

By Trent Brownrigg

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The Essentials of Internet Marketing

The internet is a place where people often throw themselves into the darkness hoping that someday, somehow they'll strike riches. Most people nurture a mistaken notion that a huge amount of traffic will build a good business without paying any attention to what sort of people are coming to the website. This is the worst kind of Internet Marketing.

No matter how revolutionary your product or service is, unless it is backed by a well thought out Internet Marketing strategy, it is as good as being non-existent. You have got to be as sure as any of the conventional brick and mortar businesses in order for your internet marketing business to succeed.

Breaking the great wall of non-presence is the biggest challenge one faces while trying to set up an online internet marketing business. When you set up your online business, you don't know your visitors and they don't know you. You need to make your presence felt; you need to set up an identity for yourself that tells your visitors that you are not an unemployed weirdo trying to scam them from your dark unheated dungeon. Your website should seem to represent a genuine business that can really deliver. How can you do that?

Here are a few of the essential guidelines you should follow in order for your internet marketing home business to be a long-term success:


A good website is essential to your online business. It is your online office; people come there and draw an impression. Even the first glance can make or break an internet marketing business. Your website should be neat, clean, and provide quality relevant information for your visitors. It should be accessible to people of all abilities and it should have a well-structured navigation system. There should be no broken links and all the essential pages should be there.


If having a decent website is important, then so is having the right kind of content on your site. As mentioned above, your website represents you amidst the vastness of the Internet. Since you are not there to directly talk to your visitors, your website accomplishes that task. Make your content, whether graphic or textual, as convincing as you can. Great care should be given to the language and the tone to make sure your visitors get all the right information they need to take their visit to the next level.

You should update your content regularly and continuously. Internet marketing is not as simple as throwing up your website and leaving it there untouched for eternity. In fact, that is about as far from the reality as you can get. There must be a reason for visitors to return to your website. Adding quality relevant content on a regular basis will bring them back for more. Articles such as the one you are reading right now are great to use for website content. There are many websites where you can find articles to reprint but writing your own content is the best way to go if you have the time.


Establishing an identity takes time, and this is not just unique to the internet. Companies invest millions of dollars on establishing their brands. On the Internet, you need to establish your identity, you need your name to sound familiar, and you need to be there almost all the time. You should be accessible to your present and future customers and clients; you should always be in a constant conversation. A good way to carry out a regular conversation is publishing a regular newsletter, ezine, or blog where you post regular updates about your business.

Finally, although there are numerous "killer" reports being sold that claim to make you millions, but there really is no substitute for a thing called good old hard work. As in any form of business, online or offline, hard work is needed to build trust, to initiate a two-way communication, to render an online presence your customers can relate to, and to deliver goods and services that set you on a path of long-term profitability.

Follow the above guidelines as closely and consistently as possible and you are sure to have a very successful internet marketing business up and running in no time!
About the Author
Trent Brownrigg is a very successful internet marketer. Visit his Home Based Business website at and he will personally help you build your online business.

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