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Gastric bypass surgery - benefits and costs

By Michael Rad

With an estimated 10 million Americans living with severe obesity problems, gastric bypass surgery is one of the frequently considered weight loss solutions. Find out how to prepare for bariatric surgery and how to effectively loose weight as a result of this popular procedure.
Many cases of obese and morbidly obese people go far beyond the issues of having to deal with a few extra pounds – they can be serious matters, as excessive weight can develop into a fatal problem. More and more importance is placed on gastric bypass surgery as one of the best methods of eliminating excessive fat (find out more here: Gastric Bypass Expert ). However, the risks involved and the cost of gastric bypass surgery are often some issues patients need to consider. Bariatric surgery (another name used for gastric bypass) is a solution to eliminating fat – here are some more facts about it.
Getting ready for Bariatric surgery

Before the surgical procedure is performed, you will undergo some laboratory tests with your surgeon's supervision. Different pre-operative gastric bypass surgery analysis have to be performed so as to ensure maximum chances of success for the procedure. Some other special measures might have to be taken prior to gastric bypass surgery, such as stopping to smoke and consume alcohol, sometimes even a few weeks before the surgical procedure. As with any surgery, blood clotting medication is to be avoided. You might also be asked to donate your own blood, weeks before the gastric bypass surgery, as it might be needed after the surgery for blood transfusion. You also have to get ready for it from a financial point of view: determine the cost of gastric bypass surgery with your surgeon and make sure to set your finances in order before the surgery takes place.
Mini gastric bypass

MGB, short for mini gastric bypass, is a minimally invasive method that partitions the stomach into an elongated, slender tube and a separate larger section. The smaller part of the stomach is attached about 6 feet down in the small intestine while the larger stomach area is not attached and is sealed off. The small section of the stomach doesn't allow the patient to eat the quantities of food they did before the mini gastric bypass operation. The second active part of the operation is that the bypassed portion of the small intestine decreases caloric absorption. Most mini gastric bypass patients experience an average weight loss of about 140 pounds – with their initial weight being situated around 280 - 300 pounds.
No more fat!

Although results vary, most patients loose about 50% to 90% of the excess weight in a year, a year and a half after surgery. These amazing figures are even more impressive when we consider the fact that most of these patients were morbidly obese and life was a series of constant obstacles related to their excessive weight. However, results do not come on their own. A life style change is required after gastric bypass surgery and a strict diet will also become essential. Co-morbid problems are usually diminished or even gone forever and many patients didn't have to take sleep apnea or hypertension medication after the surgery. Even though many patients do not reach an ideal weight after gastric bypass surgery, they will tell you that this procedure did change their lives 180 degrees, as they are now free to enjoy most of the things their excessive weight made them skip prior to the procedure. Visit us for detailed information: Gastric Bypass Expert
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