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Broadband Feature Connections

By Robert Michael

Broadband Features Available

The variety of Internet service providers available is growing as the Internet makes its way into more homes in America. This proliferation of ISP providers makes it difficult to decide which ISP you should subscribe to. To make matters more confusing, most offer a huge list of benefits to entice customers away from their current ISP. What follows is some information on the kind of features that should be available with any good ISP.

Security is of uppermost concern. With new viruses invading the Internet everyday, virus protection is a must. A virus blocker is a critical feature for any ISP. Many offer a pop up blocker, too, and this is also a good thing. The ads from pop up blockers can be harmful to your computer in addition to being extremely annoying. This is why ISPs are beginning to have features that not only speed up customer's computer but also make their Internet experience more enjoyable. A good ISP will also have tools to protect your children while they are on the Internet by providing parent-controlled blocks for blocking unwanted adult material.

You will also want to have multiple e-mail accounts. This is so common that most ISPs now offer between 5 and 10 e-mail accounts to each subscriber. Now everyone in the family can have their own email account. This way, parents don't have to scroll through a long list of messages and forwards from their children's friends, and the children don't have to skip over their parent's business emails. This is definitely the best solution for families. Finding an ISP with plenty of accounts gives you the option of having family accounts, business accounts and personal accounts.

If you have always dreamed of having your own web page, you may be able to get one without any unwanted ads. This is due to the fact that many ISPs now offer a free web space as part of their standard package. This space may be more limited in size than other free web spaces. A good ISP will often have templates and special tools such as counters to help you create the perfect web site. Since some ISPs will not allow you to use a free web site for your business, it is important to check with them about the parameters of free web site use.

Another important feature of your ISP should be the opportunity to use it with multiple computers in your home. This service could be free, but may cost you some kind of fee. However, the freedom it provides is worth it. Parents can access things for work online, while at the same time, your son is doing research for a school assignment. The point is that whatever features are important; you should be able to find an ISP that has them. The key is doing your homework on the various ISPs. This is the best way to find the features that you need at a price you can afford.
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Robert Michael is the owner of Best Broadband Review which is a great place to find Broadband Links, Resources and Articles. For more information go to: © Copyright 2005

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