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Developing an eBook as a Marketing Tool. Simple & Easy!

By Anthony Jewell

The truth about the internet is that it is a wealth of information that people use to find out about any subject under the sun. Lets face it, if you need to find something out you usually turn to the good old net rather then turning to more traditional methods. Knowing this you can take advantage of it to get your message out there and also help promote your website(I mean if people need information your site is as good as any out there, right?). So how do you reach them and give them the information they seek? Well why not write an ebook?

Now you may be thinking "what is an ebook?" or "what should it be about?". An ebook is like a book but only in a digital form. It can be about anything but usually it should relate to your website's subject and should be something you have experience in or something that interest you. It takes a little time but is not that hard to sit down, think it out and do some research to write an informative booklet that people will find useful.

The great thing about an ebook is that you can actually use it to increase your reputation with others but also to help increase traffic to your website. How do you do this you may wonder? Simple:

-First thing to do is to write your ebook(which includes research, revisions ect...).

-After you have done this the next part is to put your url to your website as well as your logo on the first page of the ebook(below the title is a good spot) so that people can see who it was written by. Also you can add it to the end of the ebook as well.

-Now the next step is to not only offer it free for download on your website but also to offer it free on other websites. This can be easily done by searching other related websites and contacting the owner/webmaster. They will be more then happy to put it on their site as it will give them more materials for their members. It also doesn't hurt that it is free!

The reason ebooks work so well is that when offered free and are written well, they offer a wealth of information. By reading your ebook people will tend to trust you more because of the knowledge you have shown(this also means they will trust you website a bit more too). Even though the ebook might cover the subject they need help in and it may even tell them how to fix the problem. Some people will feel more comfortable to have an expert as yourself deal with their situation and would rather pay to use a service then try to fix it themselves. Other visitors will also come to your website to see what related information you offer on this subject. This can be a great viral marketing tool that can get alot of people reading you book as well as visiting your website.
About the Author
Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business and join in conversation at &

©Copyright 2005 : Feel free to use this article freely but please keep in the copyright

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