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Give me 10 Minutes and I'll Show you how to Promote Your Product Better!

By Anthony Jewell

The key to selling is to show and promote your product to prospective buyers. To do this you first need to start off by finding what you are going to sell and then learning everything you can about it. This is extremely important so that you can market it effectively and answer any questions from clients that come your way. This will also allow you to aim your marketing and hit your target for sales as well as finding a niche market that you can capitalize on.

Especially if your business deals with e-products you are going want to design and develop a website around it. More importantly you are going to want to set up an area on your website to feature your item(s) on the front page without being cluttered. Another great idea when developing your website is to offer other products related to your business. So if you offered web design you might want to also offer hosting. Just make sure that these sub-products aren't over shadowing your main money maker. If they do visitors may actually pass right on by it then because their attention is drawn to other area of your websites.

The next important step when doing any marketing or showcasing your products on your website is to the list the main features. This will help visitors clearly see the benefits of using your products. Only list a select few, around 1/3 of your entire list of features and then add a "List More Features" button below your text. This will have visitors click to find out more and really start to get into what you are offering.

Two other great features to have with your products are testimonials from past clients and a money back guarantee. Testimonials will show that others have enjoyed your product, it is easy to use and will build trust in them that it is a good choice for them. Depending on what you sell, a money back guarantee(14 day or 30 day) will give your clients an ease of mind when using your service. Just think if you went to a mall to purchase a new pair of shows but the store didn't offer returns. You would be reluctant to purchase wouldn't you? Now a money back guarantee is a case by case situation, depending on what business you are in.

Taking all of these things into consideration should have people knocking at your virtual door for your product!
About the Author
Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business at

©Copyright 2005 : Feel free to use this article freely but please keep in the copyright

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