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Customer Service Internet Style - 10 Tips To Improve Your Service

By Elizabeth McGee

Quality customer service is the lifeblood of any business.

If you understand that it costs more to find a customer
than it does to keep one then you will appreciate the
importance of good, quality customer service.

Unfortunately, with the rapid rise of online businesses it
has become apparent that the focus has turned to
pleasing the search engines as opposed to pleasing the

I'm not disregarding the importance of good search engine
optimization but what good is it if you can't provide good
customer service? You may gave gained a visitor but did
you find a customer?

Your online business goals should be about out offering
quality information, speed, convenience and customer service.
Lose any one of those elements and you will lose potential
business. Your visitors want to find up-to-date information
fast, they want to immediately understand what your site is
offering them, they want fast solutions, easy navigation and
they want good service. You must be able to respond quickly
to questions, emails and put products in their hands fast.

Here are ten customer service tips that will impress any
customer and keep them coming back for more.

1. Build your site and services with your customer in mind.
Develop an "attitude" of good customer service by creating
a site that that has your visitor in mind.

To do this, be clear about what you're offering and what your
site is about. Great content doesn't mean much if your visitors
can't find it, so strive to organize your site with titles and headings
that are clear and descriptive with information that is logically
organized and structured. If you have a call to action such as
a newsletter sign-up or special contest, don't be afraid to instruct
your visitor to participate.

2. Keep the ordering process simple and straight forward.
Consider all possibilities of questions, problems and issues
that a customer might encounter. Eliminate all possibilities
of confusion.

3. Immediately following order placement, your customer should
receive a confirmation email thanking them for their order. When
the order has shipped, your customer should receive a second
e-mail stating that the product has shipped.

4. Exceed customer expectations.
If your policy states that orders are received with in 5-7 business
days, try to achieve deliveries in 3-4 business days. It's always
pleasurable to receive something sooner than you had anticipated,
not to mention your reputation will have just jumped ten-fold.

5. State your guarantees, shipping and refund policies clearly.
If you work in a retail business make it easy for your
customers to return items. Simple things like including return
labels within the packaging helps tremendously. Provide
shipping costs prior to checkout instead of surprising them
with shipping costs upon payment.

Always provide addresses and working phone numbers of
your business on every page of your site. The worst thing
a customer can experience is to place an online order, have
a problem, then call a phone number and get no response
or call back. A sure way to create frustration and develop
a bad reputation.

6. Utilize live-help capabilities.
Not everyone will utilize the services of live help, however just the
ability to have a conversation with a live representative goes a
way to make the shopping experience more satisfying and help the
customer feel more secure.

Even though credit card security has come a long way over the
past few years, many people still feel more comfortable
providing credit card information to a live person instead of an
online form. Also, human interaction can increase profits as well
because a live person can effectively cross-sell and up-sell to
your customer.

7. Check on your customers after placing an order.
Thank them a second time for ordering. Solicit your services
should they have questions or problems. Also keep your customers
aware of new offerings via e-mail (but only with their permission).
You'll give them additional value without their having to return to
your site.

8. Provide a FAQ's section on your website.
Did you know that more than 80% of all customer questions
are usually answered by just 20% of a support knowledge base.
A frequently asked questions page on your website will
answer their questions before they ask them by allowing your
customers to be self-serving while saving you time and money.

9. Provide a simple search engine on your site. Most internet
users prefer using a site search engine as opposed to
browsing through pages and links to find what they need.
A convenience web surfers always appreciate.

10. Let your customers rate you and your site.
Ask your customers to complete a simple customer service
survey. Keep the survey quick and simple and allow for comments.
Take careful note of what your customers say and work to make
improvements accordingly.

In case you haven't heard it before, "Customers Make
Paydays Possible". Provide what they're looking for, keep
them happy and most importantly, learn from them.

About the Author
Elizabeth McGee will show you what it takes to build a home internet business,
increase sales, and find trusted marketing tools. Sign up for her free newsletter

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